I was interviewed by the Star’s Jennifer Pagliaro in her 3 part series on OMB reform. The article does a great job identifying the need for bold reform. One of the points made in Jennifer’s article was that it is not just Toronto that wants change. Here’s a snippet of my thoughts as quoted in the article:
“If at the end of the day we can’t uphold our official plan, well then it’s not worth the paper that it’s written on and you might as well just upload the whole Planning Act and all the planning decisions to the province,” said Aurora Councillor Tom Mrakas, who led a summit on reforms with 13 other GTA municipalities.
“If we overstepped the process or the law, well than the OMB is there to hear such a case, so that way it doesn’t go to the court system.”
Town of Aurora #GettingThingsDone

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